1.     Regional Transport Authority is competent to issue route permits for stage carriage i.e Bus, Mini bus, Rickshaw within the ambit of its jurisdiction specified as division under section 47, 48, 49 and 50 of MVO 1965.

2.     For the public carrier i.e. good vehicles the RTA is empowered to issue route permits throughout Balochistan as per laden/axle weight under section 54, 55 and 57 of MVO 1965.

3.     The authority is generates revenue from permit holders on account of renewal, replacement, and transfer of route permits through fee collection and submission of the same in revenue account B-02812 through bank challan regularly.

4.     Issuance of D-Class terminal license regarding bus stands/terminals and other related matter in consultation of concerned deputy commissioners.

5.     Regional transport authority is responsible for the snap checking campaign of commercial vehicles within the area of its jurisdiction as mentioned in MVO 1965 and rules 1969.

6.     To ensure implementation of fare rates for stage carriage vehicles with coordination of Deputy Commissioner and Traffic Police.

7.     The RTA Quetta Division carries out raid through division against commercial vehicles on non-provision of valid permits and outstanding dues/fee.

8.     The RTA is ensuring implementation order, policies of transport Department and mitigates fatal incidents, checking of route permits, vehicle fitness and driving licenses on highways for betterment of public transport sector.

9.     RTA is the appellate authority under MVO 1965 and also competent for requisitioning of civil transport during emergency.

10.  Compensation claim tribunals comprising of commissioner/Chairman RTA of the respective division for all regions have been constituted. Compensation rates for death and injured as in the 13th schedules of MVO, 1965 examined through a committee on the patron of Punjab Province amendment bill having been passed by the provincial assembly.

11.  Fixation of rates violation of traffic Challans in 12 schedule of 1965 with consultation if traffic police.

12.  Secretary RTA, as per rule 8 of MVR 1969, is chairperson of driving test board committee for Rickshaws, LTV, HTV and PSV. All the applicants for driving licenses are first scrutinized by the committee through practical tests. The successful applicants are accorded approval for issuance of license. Owing to miscellaneous activities, Secretary RTA Quetta division delegated powers to Superintendent RTA for smooth running of modus operandi.

13.  The RTA is empowered for disqualification of driving license under 17, 18 of MVO 1965 recorded in written declare the license holder eligible or not eligible to drive vehicle.


14.  The RTA is competent for grant of license a private Automobile workshop for issuing vehicle fitness certificate under rule 35-A of MVO 1969.